Hillmorton Grad2.December2014

Celebrating Success

It was great to be at Hillmorton High Pacific students leavers with old boy and …

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Talking Women, Research and the Rebuild

In November I gave a speech at the Christchurch Women’s Club about women, research and …

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Save our State Houses

  New Zealand has a housing crisis. There aren’t enough affordable homes and too many families …

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Tackling new challenges

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the Environment and Climate Change portfolios I have …

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Congratulations Andrew Little

  Last month Andrew Little was elected Labour leader. In his first week on the …

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Samoan Language Week celebrations in Hoon Hay

Great to join with the Hoon Hay community at Rowley Avenue School to celebrate Samoan …

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Visiting local veterans

Phil Goff joined me to visit Rannerdale Veterans’ Home earlier this month to discuss Labour’s …

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Labour’s commitment to lifelong learning

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak at the ACE Aotearoa conference as …

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Woods disputes Govt housing claims

A Labour party MP has dismissed Government claims the city’s housing stock will be back to pre-quake levels by 2016.

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Legal Highs off shelves

Over the last year, I’ve sat with too many parents who were distraught over a son or daughter’s use of so-called legal highs.

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